The sun beats on this

piece of ferocious wasteland.

melting, abandoned

plastic bags, discarded

by Donald Trump,

casting shadows over

disposable pret


mocking the brand,

newly wrapped meat

rotting into the


the scaring smell

of toxic fumes

burn your nostrils,

the unused,

unforgivably unused

plastic bags

killing the ocean,

the deafening screech

Of tin scars your



I can feel the rotten

peelings of orange,

sinking my

feet deeper like

quick sand,

the putrifying stench


dump gases slowly


plastic is

scarring are


we can help,

help it,

not one not two but all of us!

By Martha

One thought on “Wasteland”

  1. Evocative language Martha. I feel as though I am there-seeing, smelling, feeling the toxicity of the environment and the conditions and political climate which have created it. You have taken your writing to a whole new level!

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