Dear Prime Minister (Draft 2)

Dear Prime Minister

Please think about the future and make wise decisions carefully before you act. Young people my age are the future—your decisions will change our lives. Wise decisions are kind decisions that are made for the benefit of other people.

We think homeless people are just as important as anyone else and should be treated respectfully. We should want to help them, not judge them. We should be caring towards them and have compassion for them. Please could you make sure homeless people have enough food and water and are warm enough and help them to find an affordable home. It would be very easy for a busy prime minister not to think about homeless people. A prime minister spends lots of time thinking about Brexit and politics; maybe the issue of homeless people is just as important. Please encourage people to donate money and time.

I would like a truthful leader; one who is trustworthy. Please do what you can to make sure people say what is actually happening rather than lying or spreading fake news. If people don’t have the truth, they won’t know what is what; they’ll get all confused and they won’t be able to make the best of decisions.

We are concerned for our planet. In 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish which is a disaster and makes us feel kind of depressed.  We love our planet – we can’t live without it- and it’s about time that everyone (and most importantly yourself) woke up from this plastic, polluted life of ours and started making a difference. The rest of the animals are quickly becoming extinct.

Can you make sure we don’t get into wars and innocent people get hurt. If people want to go to war [which they probably won’t] discourage them by talking to them and making them think before they act. Wars are bad for the world -think of what might happen to you if you were in a war.


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