School Council

Minutes of this week’s meeting: 10 12 19

  1. Each meeting from now on will start with children’s 2 stars and a wish for the whole school.
  2. Today’s 2 stars: “We have fun committees…and learning is much more than being told to do work like other schools…”
  3. Today’s wish: “Work on improving how people treat books in the library.’’
  4. Two children attended this week’s leadership meeting after school. 
  5. Early next year the School Council will attend a meeting with Ecotricity about how to  make the school a greener place. 
  6. We picked one idea from our ‘Project’ list to discuss in detail. We discussed having slippers in school and the positives and negatives about this idea. After this we voted that we would ;like to investigate the idea further because the positives far out-weighed the negatives.
  7. Our next meeting in scheduled for 20.01.20.

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