Some of the writing coming out of Year 5 and 6 has been excellent recently. The drama and intrigue of Macbeth seems to have inspired them.


Paragraph 2

At that same moment, a wounded warrior dragged himself through the huge oak doors of Inverness Castle. As he struggled forwards, trying to ignore the agonising pain that overwhelmed him, he gasped for breath and tried to deliver his message. “Victory, my lord,” he spluttered, “Thanks to your general, Macbeth.” King Duncan paused, leaned forward and ordered, “We will reward Macbeth’s bravery and honour him with the title ‘Thane of Cawdoor;’ I will visit Dunsinane personally.” The king shot a nervous glance at the warrior and chewed his fingernails as the warrior’s face turned white as snow (the colour seemed to be draining out of him.) But the king kept his confidence and beckoned for his tailor. ‘’I must prepare,” he boomed, “I leave at dawn!” The warrior suddenly started screaming and shrieking in a bloodcurdling, ear piercing way.

By Archie Dowie



A poem by Lilyan Burns

A Tree

Behold! A help I am!

Held here in a secure globe,

With help from me an adult you are to be,

I breathe you and you breathe me.


I hear happiness and sadness,

I know everyone, the hikers and the happy picnickers,

I stretch over to shelter them,

No one says thank you

But I hear laughter,

And that’s enough for me.


I see people viciously taking my friends like packs of dogs.

Roars from chainsaws and then they fall

I know that they will take me some day.

We shout at the wind to take the humans away.


I feel very wet but very dry,

I know I’m not dry but my breath is wet.

We huddle together to catch the heat.

I feel warm-hearted towards the rodents inside me.


I know others need my oxygen

but I am old and frail

So now I’m going to die

I rest and sleep

But I might come back

As my dear child