Han Solo for: “Have a go!” Learning Power No. 5


Han says:

“Chewy, my ship is fixed! Let’s get outta’ here. I’m excited to try new things, see new places. Don’t worry if it goes wrong! We’ve learned from our mistakes haven’t we Chewy? We just won’t get involved with The Rebellion again.

Get a growth mindset about you. Don’t just be a walking carpet Chewy. C’mon!”

BB8 for ‘Enjoy Learning’ – Learning Power No. 8


Rey says to BB8:

“You have listened well to my training.

Feel proud of your achievements little BB8. Feel your neurons connecting. Imagine your intelligence growing by the minute!

Use what you have learned in real life to face all of the challenges which lie ahead.

Know what you can do if you have input and if you practice.”

Children can be encouraged to think about pieces of the stiry that might help them enjoy learning!

Finn for Curiosity – Learning Power #4

We have unveiled Learning Power #4 –Finn for curiosity, the 4th meta-cognitive power in our series of 8.  Great excitement rose before the big reveal – who was the character this time?  As before, we began by sharing the ‘Learning Story’ together, and with their Talk Partners, the pupils identified skills from the story that would be useful in helping them to work with others and be co-operative.

Finn for Curiosity
Finn for Curiosity

Initially, the pupils were surprised by this Learning Power, but after a quick discussion, they decided that without this power, how would they learn anything?

Once again, we identified the skills we thought necessary to help our curiosity develop and improve, as a tool for our learning.

Learning Powers - C3PO 1_Page_11


Key Skills for Curiosity
Key Skills for Curiosity


The repeated thread of comment from the children on this learning power was that it it felt like it was talking about our maths class.  And how true; I’m always asking these questions and getting them to look for patterns and connections in our visual and numerical mathematics.  Obviously, it is also applicable across the curriculum, but maths does feel like its natural home to our class.  Ms McCarron says TOTES agree!

C3PO for Co-operation – Learning Power #3

Ms McCarron described the start of this journey with our Learning Powers in her blog post, “Yoda for Concentration – Learning power 1 unleashed we have,” on 28 Feb 2016.

Last week I unveiled Learning Power #3 – C3PO for Co-operation, the 3rd meta-cognitive power in our series of 8, to my Y5/6 class.  As before, we began by enthusiastically sharing the ‘Learning Story’ together, and with their Talk Partners, the pupils identified skills from the story that would be useful in helping them to work with others and be co-operative.  They know the format of the unveiling of the Learning Powers by now and are already trying to guess which power, and which character, may be next!

C3PO for Co-operation
C3PO for Co-operation

We made a class list of those skills identified and entered into a lively discussion about what makes co-operation important, why it is important, when it might be important and conversely, what might impede co-operation.  Having reflected on what might hinder co-operation, I felt that they had thought deeper about how much they indeed value this Learning Power.

Key Skills for Co-operation
Key Skills for Co-operation


We referred back to these skills over the next few days (and of course the previous Learning Powers), particularly when working on our DT projects and in our maths investigations.  These skills of course apply across the curriculum in every lesson where pupils are together, so this Learning Power is a particularly important meta-cognitive skill.

The pupils said that this is the most important power so far for the success of their Talk Partner scheme…..commenting on how the key skills they identified were very similar to the success criteria they generated for their Talk Partners rules. (See previous blog post “Time to Talk pt 2“) 

Finally, we all decided that C3PO’s joke was OK, but he still needs some more practice……and perhaps some co-operation with inventing better ones!

Next Step

The fourth ‘Learning Power’ will be unveiled to the pupils after Easter – “Be Curious“.  Who will the character be??