Finn for Curiosity – Learning Power #4

We have unveiled Learning Power #4 –Finn for curiosity, the 4th meta-cognitive power in our series of 8.  Great excitement rose before the big reveal – who was the character this time?  As before, we began by sharing the ‘Learning Story’ together, and with their Talk Partners, the pupils identified skills from the story that would be useful in helping them to work with others and be co-operative.

Finn for Curiosity
Finn for Curiosity

Initially, the pupils were surprised by this Learning Power, but after a quick discussion, they decided that without this power, how would they learn anything?

Once again, we identified the skills we thought necessary to help our curiosity develop and improve, as a tool for our learning.

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Key Skills for Curiosity
Key Skills for Curiosity


The repeated thread of comment from the children on this learning power was that it it felt like it was talking about our maths class.  And how true; I’m always asking these questions and getting them to look for patterns and connections in our visual and numerical mathematics.  Obviously, it is also applicable across the curriculum, but maths does feel like its natural home to our class.  Ms McCarron says TOTES agree!

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  1. For me, this is the starting point- arguably the most important. In a day of technology with answers at our fingertips, we have lost this sense of curiosity and determination to find an answer. My own children think ‘Google’ is the shortcut to most answers and they are probably right. However, there is a true sense of satisfaction at working at something, trying and trying again and making connections you never knew were there. I enjoy this as much as an adult as I did as a child.

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