PGL 2015

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Another PGL residential over and what a trip it was. We had a brilliant weekend and I know that each and every one of us has learnt something about ourselves over the past few days. Well done to everyone who threw themselves (in some cases quite literally!) into the activities and didn’t shy away from any challenge that they were given. You should all feel very proud of your achievements no matter how small some of you might think they are and we hope that you will continue to shine and develop the confidence you found this weekend over the next few months.

Thanks for the smiles, laughter and memories!

Mrs Aurelius, Mrs Hough, Mr Ricketts, Miss Tonner and Miss Whitehead

Last Day

After a full activity weekend, we have come to our last day. In a few minutes the children will be woken up and then the madness of packing up to go home begins! We will all head off to breakfast before the teams complete their final activities. The children are looking forward to seeing you all so they can tell you story after story about what they have got up to. Very tired teachers in the corridor now; better go and make them a cup of tea!

Day 2

Day 2 was a brilliant day for all. Slightly tired children were soon woken up when they had to get into a canoe, set up survivor camp, prepare for a giant swing and abseil down the tower. You would be very proud of your children; they have conquered fears that they never thought they’d be able to do. Even though it was an exhausting day, they children still managed to keep the teachers up until the late hours of Sunday! We have been entertained by them all and laughter is the most come sound coming from the rooms and corridor!