Busy busy term!

We have had a very busy, exciting time this half term in Nursery.  Here are just a few of the things we have been doing …

We started the term by thinking about Winter and how to keep warm which involved lovely walks outside, followed by hot chocolate and yummy marshmallows.  We played and explored with ice, looked at differences and similarities, identified patterns, made snowmen using shaped resources, danced and expressed ourselves to winter themed music and made some fantastic foil winter pictures.  We also did lots of finger gym and even had a go at childrens’ yoga ….

Birdwatch was our next activity when we learnt how to identify some birds and birdsounds.  We went on a listening walk, identified some animal tracks, used our fine motor skills to pick up “worms” (pipecleaners!!), made some owl biscuits to eat and some bird kebabs to put in the garden for the birds.

We completed the term by learning all out China and the Chinese New Year festival.  We looked at China on the map and looked at pictures of the Great Wall of China.  We then made our own walls using large and small construction resources.  We made our very own dragon out of craft materials and then used it to do some dragon dancing in the hall (see pics below).  We had to work together to make the dragon move and dance.  We played with lots of red/gold resources in the sensory tuffspot and made some beautiful collages using red/gold craft materials.  Our fine motor skills were strengthened when we had a go at using chopsticks to pick up noodles and we even had a chinese food tasting session.  Using our scissor skills we made our own chinese lanterns and we used instruments to create our own chinese music.  We have been very busy and have had lots of fun.  Watch this space to find out what we are learning about next …


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