An interview with our PR Officer, Lorraine Smith

Here is an interview with Lorraine who kindly came into our school to help us in our News Reporters’ Committee.  By Martha and Amelia.

Q: Lorraine,  why did you want to get involved in the book project?

“I asked Mrs Hodges if I could, because reading and writing is an important skill and I was excited about the project and wanted to share it with the community.”

Q: How do you spread the news?

“Stroud News and Journal have written an article on us this week.  And now BBC Radio Gloucestershire want to do a report on our book and the school.  The are going to feature us as ‘School of the Week’, and report on the school every afternoon for a week! The will also interview John about his role in the book.  In addition, we will have an article in Cotswold Life in September and are even hoping to have an interview on TV and certainly are going to invite them to the book launch on June 10th.”

Q: Why is it so important to get the word out there?

“To show how hard working you guys are, how fun it can be to write your own book and also how interesting local history can be.  Also, we want to sell lots of copies of the book and maybe do the project again!”

It was great to meet Lorraine and hear about her important role in the project.