With so many children now learning from home, we’re (temporarily) making all 100 Spot and Stripe short videos freely available on our Youtube Channel.

With each video clocking in at around one-minute, Spot and Stripe provoke instant thinking in children. But is it ever possible to stop thinking?

Spot and Stripe – Age 4-7 – 35. Thinking

Lock horns during the lockdown
These 100 ‘shorts’ are divided into 3 playlists: Age 4-7, 8-11, and 11-16. They provides a perfect introduction to philosophy for younger and older children alike, modelling discussion and argument through colourful, fun characters and irresistible questions.

Use at home
To use with children at home, simply press play. Afterwards, ask them for their opinion. Do they agree with Spot or Stripe and why? Do they have another angle on the question? Fun conversation can be enjoyed as a family, or with two more siblings talking together. It can be fun for parents to take the opposite point of view for the sake of argument.

Still in school?
If you’re in school, get students to stand on the side of the character they agree with, and continue the argument with someone from the other side. For deeper challenge, ask all children to stand on Spot’s side and come up with as many reasons as they can, and then do the same for Stripe. Having heard both sides, they can then decide on and defend their own opinion.

At a time of information and misinformation, this one asks whether a newspaper can ever be fully reliable:

Spot and Stripe – Age 8-11 – 70. Reliability

For older students, the questions get tougher and the arguments more complex…

Spot and Stripe – Age 11-16 – 92. Society

If Youtube is blocked wherever you are, you can also access all 100 on our Vimeo channel.

We’ll flag this up on the Brainsqueezers page www.thephilosophyman.com/brainsqueezers when it changes on Friday, but we wanted to make sure schools had plenty of time to tell parents about this additional resource before the Easter Holidays start.

Best wishes
Spot and Stripe, AKA Tom and Jason

PS In response to parents who were envious of their children’s Philosophy Wranglers sessions, Jason is now running live online philosophy sessions for adults too. The first Philosophy Wranglers Late session is 9.00 to 10.00 p.m. on Monday 6th April. £7, book at www.giftcourses.co.uk where you can also find details of Philosophy Wranglers for 9-12 Year Olds and Teens, which are now happening once a week.