English Read!  Try to read a good story book for at least half an hour a day.  Use your log-ins for Spelling Shed.  Write a letter to Amnesty International thanking them for their endorsement of the book ‘The Journey’ that we have been studying.  Write a balanced argument around the topic of deforestation – is deforestation good or bad?

Maths Use your log ins for MyMaths.  There are lessons, homework and games to be done.  Practise areas we’ve been studying, including: fractions, decimals and percentages; written and mental methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; place value; geometry.

Also, there are 10 minute revision activities in the ‘SATs practise books’.  These are topics / concepts taught from Year 3 up to Year 6.  Your child could do one activity a day, starting from 1.2, then 2.2, then 3.2 etc.  Go through the answers with them, discussing any mistakes that may arise.

Times table torture – (practise multiplication square booklet sent home with children).

Maths number skills practice (passports) – children should know what skills to be practising.

Art Continue work on artist Peter Clark, and find out about other collage artists. Find out about their lives and work.  Use your research to create your own collage/s.

Geography make a poster / fact file about rainforests – what you’ve learnt so far.

Deforestation – research for facts and figures globally.

Dancecreate a Rainforest dance.  Why not go on to Just Dance for ideas (and exercise!).

Musiccreate your own water / rainforest / storm composition using any instruments or body percussion you  may have.  Try to include crescendo (getting louder) and diminuendo (getting quieter).  You could use your rain stick (see below).

Music / DTmake a rain stick using old plastic bottles and other materials you have available (remember the 4Rs).

P4C – have a philosophical discussion.  In the best communities, people plant trees in the shade of which they know they will never sit.  Do you agree?  Should refugees be allowed into other countries?

Y6 only complete what you can in your SATs booster books (Maths, SPAG, Reading)