English: Perform and film yourself retelling a story/poem/rap

Write an adventure story

Write a newspaper report based on an event in your reading book

Reading: Read! How many new words can you find for our vocabulary wall?

Write the next chapter of the book you are reading.

Write an alternative ending to your book.

Maths: Continue to revise and learn your times tables. Recap the formal methods we have been looking at this term – column addition, column subtraction, column multiplication, short division

Geography: Climate Change poster/booklet

Write a letter to politicians re. climate change

Art: Jackson Pollock – can you create a gallery inspired by his work?

Science: digestive system models/diagrams

Practical maths: maths trail, board games, cooking

Computing: Scratch programme about your learning

PE: Can you create a dance routine for your favourite song? Joe Wicks workouts on his YouTube channel