Reading:  Please ask an adult if you need a word explained. Enjoy reading!

Writing: Write a book review about a book you have read, or write a poem perhaps.
You could also make a poster about healthy eating.
Please use the time to practice spelling the common exception words. Pick up on 2-3 spellings per day.
If you find a paragraph that you love in a book, write it out in neat handwriting (remembering pencil grip)!

Art: Find out about Andy Goldsworthy and explore ways of creating art pieces using natural materials along the lines of his work. Perhaps parents/ careers could take a photo.

Maths: Please cook (measure capacity- ml and litres), weigh (grams and kilograms), measure length and height (in cm and metres) as we are learning to estimate and read scales. Chn can practise taking their own temperature and reading that scale.
Practice 2x, 5x, 10x tables. Practice number bonds to 20 (eg. 14+6=20) and doubles (double 16 etc) and halves.
Practice reading the time.
Pretend you are running a shop, can you work out how much money you have been given? Can you give change?

Science: Grow some plants from seed and talk about the plants growing in the garden or anywhere around you. Can you name the plants?

History: Find out about people who changed the world on youtube BBC TEACH

PE: Create a dance at home.