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History at Minchinhampton Academy

That’s history! The moment it took you to read this line- gone, never to repeated- history.

In a day where technology can take you to the other side of the world in seconds, what can we truly learn from a time gone by? The answer is everything.

What? When? Why? How? Children are naturally curious and the study of History at Minchinhampton will actively encourage pupils to ask questions about the world, our country, culture and local community. Through their historical studies children will understand how the past influences the present and their future.

It also prepares them for their secondary education and the skills of evidence gathering and interrogation. The ability to research and examine contrasting arguments is an art and we will give all our children the foundation skills that they will employ in exams, essays and debates in their future.

History is real and best experienced by all the senses. With this in mind the children at Minchinhampton will be given opportunities to learn History through a wide range of activities including: handling artefacts, drawing, writing, discussion and role-play.

We want History to come to life so we will strive to provide the children with opportunities through visits to local and national museums and historic sites, (such as Avoncroft (, workshops by professionals and through having visitors into school to talk to the children.

Y5/6 had a fantastic day exploring man’s journey from 2.7 million ago to 100 BC, thanks to Dominic from ‘Portals to the Past’.
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