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Choir to Cecily Court

Choir at Cecily Court On Monday 9th December 2019 our KS2 choir went to Cecily Court across the road to sing to the residents who live there with Mr Weinberger, Miss Crowther and Mrs Overthrow. We sang lots of different songs, including ‘Candlelight Silent Night’ and...

KS1 Nativity

KS1 NATIVITY On Monday 9th December the hall was packed with children performing in the of show ‘Christmas Values’ and they blew our socks off! Each class performed their own song that was either a Christmas carol or a song about something to do with Christmas. They...

Ocarinas and Shakers

Ocarinas and Shakers 9th December-12th December 2019 In Year 5/6, hands got to work moulding, shaping and rolling thick lumps of clay; minds got creative over a ball of clay. We were making Aztec instruments; shakers decorated in beautiful Aztec themed patterns....

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