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Curriculum Threads

Curriculum Thread 5: Environmental Activism

Contextual Feature: Concerns for the environment.

Desired Outcome for pupils:

  • Pupils who have a deep respect for their immediate environment and the wider world.
  • They are environmentally aware; confident to speak their truth and have an unwavering belief that they can make a difference, that they can act to make the world a better place, both in their personal habits and through environmental activism.
  • They know their individual impact in terms of what they use and what they leave behind.
  • They appreciate the beauty of nature and that solutions to the eco-emergency can be found in nature.
  • They understand that the relationship between humans and the earth is central to solving the crisis.
  • They appreciate the need for system change and have experienced taking direct action to try to bring about system change.
  • They are proud of their participation in several projects driven towards creating a sustainable future but know that their job is far from done.
  • They are informed – they know the facts regarding the current climate crisis.
  • They appreciate there are 4 main areas we need to tackle to improve sustainability and save the environment:- Energy, Transport, Food, Giving the land back to nature.
  • They show a personal commitment to improving these as well as a commitment to reaching out and convincing others.
  • They carry the fire.

Partners: Ecotricity, Bath Spa University, Paul Turner- Radical Geographer.

P4C – Eco Curriculum How to BEE an eco warrior Powerpoint – by Daisy and Lucy Scoping Report by Paul Turner Ministry of Eco Education zoom meeting August 2021

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